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Latest Blog Posts

  • Baz from sketch to colour

    Baz – sketch and colour

    This shows sketches of Baz in different positions, drawn with a blue colored pencil. Next one sketch is taken from sketch to inking and finally solid color.

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  • Hello imaginu - cartoon animation

    Hello Imaginu – Animation

    Wohooo this is my first hand drawn animation with the DotDots! 🙂 Say hello to Imaginu and his arms of imagination in this little cartoon.

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  • I love you jumping dotdot

    I love you – Animation

    A little test animation with Animation Desk on the Ipad 🙂

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  • Georg with DotDot t-shirt

    Back from paternity leave

    Back after 6 weeks of paternity leave with my son Georg here wearing his DotDot t-shirt 🙂 6 amazing weeks with Georg and the family. Back in business and ready for more DotDots and stories from DotDotLand.

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